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Whether you’re switching over from paper charting or another software, this process should not disrupt the way your facility operates, nor should you conform to a software. With ECS you choose your workflow and needs and we tailor our software to you.

Choose Your Desired Hosting


Control your medical records by either hosting ECS at your facility or on a cloud where you control your access to the software and records. American Data offers cloud hosting where all ECS updates, backups, redundancies, and fail-overs can be done for you or you can choose an alternate “cloud” of your choice with support provided by the IT personnel of your choice. Unlike “web-page, one-size-fits-all” type software where the vendor never gives you possession of the software which thus leaves you beholding to their dictates and charges, with American Data you always have control of who has your EMR software AND data.

Control Your Own Workflow

We believe that software should fit you - never the other way around.


Flexibility and customization is the key to success in focusing on quality care. Medical University studies have shown that an EMR system must be able to adjust to the workflow of the staff rather than the staff adjusting to the forced workflow of a software vendor. ECS is the ultimate in easy-to-use facility controlled flexibility and customization of workflows and screen presentations to staff workers. While administrators need to monitor and analyze data input in order to have a successful financial operation, the work of the care-givers is the most significant contributor to such results and therefore, their production capabilities via customizable workflows is vital to reaching facility goals. With ECS, the facility has the tools for both the managers AND the care-givers.

Create Your Own Care

Make it Personal.


We pride ourselves on the ability to customize ECS to your facility's specifications. Pick the components and features you want to focus on, and match them to your facility's unique needs! There is no need to contact and perhaps pay this software vendor for desired reports or analytics with ECS's eight (8) built-in report writers and infinite data-mining QA capabilities.

We give you the tools to create your EMR. Modifications are user-friendly and can be done by authorized personnel at the facility. It requires no IT/programming background but if help is wanted, it's available 24/7 by American Data healthcare professionals. In this way, the facility can control and change their system as their needs dictate.


Create Your Own Care Today!

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