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Welcome to American Data

Our team is committed to long term care. We support clinical and financial software that increases communication and efficiency across the entire continuum.


We'll Keep it Brief

American Data Staff

It is in the field, created out of necessity and passion, which American Data emerged.

Not many vendors would dare create their EMR in the trenches of everyday care, but for us, it’s where we set our standards. We embrace the unique culture of each facility and resident. They have driven us to create an EMR that will not only fit their individual needs, but also outlast the test of time. It is here where American Data was born. Care never compromises, neither do we.

Our clients and their residents retain their freedom with American Data and that’s the way we like it.


Our Mission (It's Simple)

To make a positive difference in the lives of the people who
live and work in a health care facility.

The support team at American Data is made up of professionals who began their careers in long term care and who are committed to doing all that can be done to improve the quality of life for both the patient and the provider. We know the industry inside and out, and dedicate ourselves to making sure our clients can provide the best resident care possible. When you work with American Data, our leaders and our staff get to know you on a first-name basis because we tailor our software to the way you run your facility.


We are an employee-owned debt free company where the employee has a stake in quality of service provided. American Data has continued to flourish over the last thirty plus years because we offer the best licensed software with exceptional support. Our staff is constantly improving ECS. We are always ahead of the game in keeping up with CMS regulations, as well as state-specific mandates and requirements for our clients across the country.


The senior care industry demands dedication from its professionals. Caregivers and providers need a system that allows them to communicate and coordinate for the benefit of facility residents. American Data can help you successfully improve communication at your nursing home and ensure your facility receives the referrals and reimbursement it deserves.


Our Executive Team

John Ederer, NHA

Founder and CEO

Heike Burk, RN, RAC-CT

Quality Assurance Director

Darin Ballweg

Software Development Director

Johnathan Ederer

Technical Support Director


April Burlage

Marketing Director

Mark Ederer

Technical Engineering Director

Kara McDonald

Financial Support Director

Shannon Johnson, NHA

Clinical Support Director


Megen Meier, MBA

HL7 Integration Director



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P.O. Box 640, Sauk City
WI, 53583, US

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T:   (608) 643-8022
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