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Whether you’re switching over from paper charting or another software, this process should not disrupt the way your facility operates, nor should you conform to a software. With ECS you choose your workflow and needs and we tailor our software to you.

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To ensure a smooth and easy implementation, we partner with you to customize an implementation plan to fit your specific needs. By the end, you won't believe how you managed so many years without ECS!

Integrate Patient Health Record for Long-Term Care Facilities

Ease into the Electronic World


Integrate Patient Health Record for Long-Term Care Facilities

Our implementation is carefully thought-out and individually planned to ease you into the electronic world. Our project managers will walk you through our carefully designed phased implementation process from early stage preparation, planning and installation, through to end user training and system design. We don't stop after the implementation process; we also provide outstanding live customer support throughout your partnership with American Data.

We Grow With You in the Direction You Choose


We take into account not only what you need today, but also your future needs. Over time, as regulations and facility goals evolve, adjustments to the system’s configuration may be needed. With American Data's ECS, non-technical personnel are able to adjust not only the configurations, but also build custom systems that are integrated into their unique clinical processes. This flexibility and customization from ECS leads to proactive staff that is more productive and, in turn, produce higher quality care for residents.

As your facility grows and regulations inevitably change - American Data's flexibility allows easy reconfiguration, enhancements, and adaptations to meet the needs of your facility. We will always be able to grow with you; in the direction you choose.

Integrate Patient Health Record for Long-Term Care Facilities

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Integrate Patient Health Record for Long-Term Care Facilities

With American Data’s big business capacity, and small business caring, you’ll never just be an account number. Our knowledgeable staff is here for you 24/7/365. Never be left out in the cold again.

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