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Committed to Improving the Long Term Care Industry

American Data is made up of professionals who began their careers in long term care (LTC) and are committed to the betterment of LTC industry. We know the industry inside and out, and dedicate ourselves to making sure our clients can provide the best resident care possible.


We Answer. We Care. We Support You.


American data does not have machines answering phone calls and does not outsource support. Our financial staff is made up of trained accountants with extensive knowledge of billing and reimbursement cycles. Our technical staff knows ECS inside and out, makes sure client systems are always up-to-date and ready for the heaviest workloads. Our clinical staff’s licensed RNs and NHAs have experience working all across the Long Term Care Continuum in every type of facility, from nursing homes to assisted living communities to home health and beyond. These professionals are available 24/7 by phone and will devote their time to making sure you are taken care of.

We devote our time to making sure your facility waits for nothing when it comes to documentation.

Online Community


ECS Team members are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, not to mention approachable.

Training Videos & Documentation

Free training videos and documentation can be accessed through our American Data’s Career Advancement, Resource, and Educational Support (CARES) site. Our training site CARES is a one-stop-shop for all our clients’ needs. Whether you are a new client and would like “out of the box” training or a long-time client who would enjoy a training program for new staff, or learning about new modules and features, this is a resource you will utilize.

ECS User Forum

American Data’s ECS User Forum is an interactive community that allows you to post questions and get quick answers from other ECS users. Our staff also uses the forum to post important information about known issues, events and updates.

Educational Opportunities


Our staff is also incredibly well-informed when it comes to changing regulations and shifts in practice. Call us if you have any questions about the long term care industry. We share our knowledge with you so you can avoid being blindsided by new standards of care or new documentation requirements. Stay deficiency-free with ECS by American Data.


American Data hosts a spring and fall webinar series. The webinar series are structured into three webinars held on the 3rd Friday of each month. These cover a wide range of topics from upcoming regulation changes to new ECS features. This is a wonderful free resource available to our clients to help caregivers work more efficiently and ensure they are using our software to its full potential.

ECS User Conventions

American Data provides an annual ECS Users Convention. The convention helps develop a richer understanding of ECS. Sessions are designed for users at all levels of familiarity with the system. Our annual convention is a great place to connect with other end users and learn about new, exciting enhancements, tricks, trends and tips to better utilize ECS in your facility.

ECS Team members are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, not to mention approachable.

Additional Resources

We devote our time to making sure your facility waits for nothing when it comes to documentation.

Monthly Newsletter

Our ECS Newsletter goes out monthly to all our clients. The newsletter covers the month in review, ECS Tip of the Month, product enhancements / features, provides upcoming educational opportunities, and highlights our client's accomplishments / successes.

Additional Supporting Documentation

The ECS User Manual can be accessed through ECS, and covers topics from getting started in ECS to in-depth features. What's New documents accompany all updates released which is usually a minimum of twice a year. The document highlights and summarizes features and enhancements affected and /or added with the update.

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