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Quality of Care

  • Free Up Staff Time - Point of care charting coupled with ECS Mobile frees up staff time allowing them to focus on the resident.
  • Reduce Distraction Gap - ECS Mobile reduces the distraction gap between technology and resident care by utilizing non-obtrusive devices.
  • HL7 & Script - Integration to other health care systems. (Therapy, Lab, Pharmacy, C-CDA CCD)


  • Real-time Capture - Documentation is captured at the point of care.
  • Integrated System - Complete and accurate documentation is entered once and populates the entire record.

Maximize Reimbursement

  • Automated Workflow - Easy to use Access Screens automate your personalized workflow and prompt for thorough documentation.
  • Capture Correct Care Provided - Charting is entered at the point of care by the caregiver.
  • Improve Efficiency - Daily charting flows through the entire record populating reports and prompting answers to government required assessments.

Our Top
Tier Support

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Don't take our word for it. See what our End Users have to say about ECS!

"ECS Software is not a cookie cutter application. It allows facilities to individualize the needs of their facility. The system allows the users to design and implement documentation screens, reports, etc. This customization helps assist the facility to better care for their residents and meet required regulations. The well-equipped staff is easy to work with and provide excellent customer support."
Michele Hershey | Asprius Pleasent View

"The statistical report features have been instrumental in tracking weights and pressure ulcers within our facilities. They are easy to document in as well as to run and interpret results in order to track potential problem areas with our facility."
Angie Heinbuch | Hillside Manor Nursing Home

"ECS is a robust system allowing for user customization. The versatility this system offers exceeds offerings from other EMR systems."
Kris Erickson | Bethany Home

"We have been using ECS in our assisted living for about 7 years now and it is wonderful. It makes ISP's a breeze to do and we love the format of the ISP's and so do our surveyor's. I would recommend ECS to any assisted living out there. it is easy to use and the staff at American Data are great with any questions that come up. Thanks American Data!!"
Cheryl Lancour ECS System Supervisor | Luther Manor

"Since implementing ECS this past year at Brookside, I have seen the self-esteem of the staff increase dramatically. CNA's who were very fearful of computers have commented to me that they are very proud of their accomplishments. They also realized how vital their input is to resident care and our bottom line."
Barb Beardsley, RN - Brookside Care Center


"We have had ECS since 2009. ECS is always on the forefront of electronic charting and is a great partner in our goal of a 100% computerized med record. ECS is also customizable because we own our system."
Rich McManman - Gogebic Medical Care Facility

"ECS has created a much more effiecient and paper free environment in all area of our building. It is used by our nursing department, activities, maintenance, housekeeping – you name it. All our processes have been improved. It is also extremely customizable, to the point we have set up a coffee shop sales register with it."
Jamie LaFave - Bishop Noa Home

"Our facilities have been using ECS for about 10 years now. I am on the financial side of things and have been very impressed with the ease of customization. We have two facilities and the both do things differently but with ECS that works. It doesn’t mean that my side has to also work differently. It all flows together rather seamlessly. I am not one for change but with each new improvement ECS becomes better and better. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the nursing facility business. "
Kristi Hull - Chase Center & Pilgrim Manor

"Integration of our clinical and financial department through ECS has been a valuable assest to our facility and the care of our residents. The endless possibilities of the system will enable our facility to navigate into the future and beyond. Thank you American Data! "
Karen Oellerich - Bloomfield Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

"I think ECS Charting is a user-friendly application. If you get held up with a problem American Data is a phone call away to assist you. ECS is a large program and works together with all the different modules. It helps with tracking reports, any report you may need is possible through ECS. The American Data staff are super friendly, always willing to help. "
Lori Burley - Four Seasons Health Care Center

"We have been using ECS since 1995. We have always liked how user friendly ECS was and how up to date everything is with updates. I truly believe that it has helped us with survey issues. ECs is easy to maneuver around in and it is great to have everything at your fingertips. I would certainly recommend ECS to anyone looking into computerized record keeping. I can't say enough about how is has helped us. "
Cheryl Lancour, ECS System Supervisor - Luther Home

"Having both financial and clinical in ECS helps me get the billing done faster. I’m able to research nursing issues that affected billing without having to call up the nursing staff. This saves them time and me. "
Jane Hansen - St. Croix Health Center


"I have worked with ECS for 13+ years and have been truly satisfied and impressed by the flexibility it offers. ECS offers a complete package of tools and solutions to manage all aspects of our facility. One of it’s greatest strengths is the ability for it to be customized to my setting; to the way we choose to operate our business. We can customize what and how our staff chart and create reports specific to our needs often in 10 minutes or less. While no system is perfect-the speedy response of the American Data staff to questions, concerns, or requests for enhancements is the best I’ve encountered. "
Jim Raab - Oak Park Place

"Park Manor has been a client of ECS since 1983 when the system was called 1984 systems. Through all of the decades ECS has been a medical record system that has stayed ahead of the curve and allowed us the flexibility to mold the system to our needs. I can’t imagine using any other EMR than ECS. "
Sharon Schultz - Park Manor

"I have had opportunities to work with the other software systems. I have found them to be badly lacking in comparison to ECS. The drop down menus are too limiting in the assessments not allowing for adequate elaboration and are too vague for documentation to be complete-OR-the use of only narrative charting sets you up to miss crucial information-the topics in ECS are elemental to remind users to document areas-spark the memory. ECS has so much more opportunity for customization of our needs in reports, documenting, mar-tar. Another advantage is the EMR-NOT needing to run for a paper chart, having the information at your fingertips at your desk is awesome. The ability to customized is the greatest asset of your system."
Heidi Prewitl - Park Manor Nursing Home

"I love the way we can create our own forms. We can be as specific as we want or as detailed."
Linda Wagner, ECS System Administrator - Marian Manor HealthCare Center

"This system is wonderful for quick adjustments and adapting to our facility's needs. I was able to create a testing ground tab to allow for testing and refining of changes to the system before taking those changes live on the floor. I also love how the program continues to evolve with the needs of electronic charting while allowing the facility to work in its own individual way."
Shawn Foley, LPN, EMR System Supervisor - Mt Washington Care Center


"We have had American data at several of our locations since the 1990’s. The Continual improvements and enhancements that are made in ECS have made it easy to keep up with industry changes. The support and customer service is always excellent."
Heather Boehlke, NHA, EHR Support - Real property Health Facilities

"American Data’s customer service and support is unsurpassed. "
Michele Atkins - First Atlantic

"I have used ECS for 10 years and I’m always surprised by the advancements and strides it makes. The staff is always helpful and guides me to find a solution to my needs. "
Paul Stem - Ambassador

"American Data is always aware of what is new in the industry and finds a way to bring that to it’s users. "
Cheryl Graham - Pinecrest Medical Care

"American Data's Customer Support Rocks! Having called several times over the past couple of years, I have always been treated with respect. Because of the assistance given to me, I have been able to design several reports that have made the jobs of other at our facility easier, more productive, and accurate."
Kathleen King - Wissota Health

"Whenever we have an issue, I never worry about being put on hold forever or talking to someone that can't help me. The staff at American is very customer centered."
Ashley Wondra - St Anne's



Video Testimonials

ECS - In it for the long term

American Data’s electronic medical record ECS will grow and change as your facility grows and changes. We set up our software according to your needs and specifications because we don’t expect your facility to look like every other on the market. We know you and your residents are unique, and you deserve a software vendor who understands that.

Comprehensive & All-In-One

Your entire staff, no matter how big or small, can use ECS to focus their attention on the resident. Every department in your facility, from dietary and therapy to social services and maintenance, can communicate in ECS for a more efficient workflow.

An EMR for Unique Facilities

Adjust ECS to your own specifications! We want to help your facility be the best it can be.

American Data's Support Staff

American Data is made up of very talented professions dedicated to grow the industry in a quality way. The support staff is made up of licensed Nursing Home Administrators, licensed Nurses, Accountants, Computer Programmers and knowledgeable Technical Support. We only success if you do.

Choose a Partner not a Vendor

American Data gives you the tools and knowledge to truly customize your software to fit to your facility. There is no need to be at the mercy of a software vendor. Own and control your data.

A software should fit you - never the other way around.

You can customize ECS to each department’s needs. Your professional associates will thank you, and your residents’ records will never be left incomplete.

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