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American Data is a company with a mission to make a difference in the lives of people who live and work in the healthcare industry. American Data continues to grow by producing a quality product and providing individual support.


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ECS is built upon a strong foundation in long term care that encompasses the entire care continuum. Together, the components for each care setting provide a truly integrated patient health record. Whether you offer one care setting or several, ECS has a proven record to meet your needs.

Campus Wide Coverage

In terms of long-term care settings, we have the whole continuum covered. Our clientele includes all facility types, from standalone SNFs to campus-wide senior care that offers assisted living, independent living, adult day care, and more!

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Integrate Patient Health Record for Long-Term Care Facilities



Improved Quality of Life
  • Staff Satisfaction

  • Improved Outcomes & Better Care

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Increased Reimbursement

ECS offers a wide range of benefits from user friendly charting and data entry to a complete accounts receivable and billing system. Employee satisfaction, increased revenues, better care, and improved outcomes are some of the benefits you will enjoy.

Infrastructure - To the Cloud & Beyond!


Same trusted vendor, now with NEW hosting options! We offer a revolutionary alternative to both server based and browser based software: Host ECS locally with low infrastructure and cost or on a cloud with direct and secure access. We work with you to keep your data safe. You get the convenience of web based software without the limitations or the risk!

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You control the navigation menu, ensuring that ECS adjusts to the workflow of your staff.

User Friendly

You control the navigation menu, ensuring that ECS adjusts to the workflow of your staff.

Role-defined navigation screens support your workflow by providing quick access to the charting and reviewing tasks most used by team members. You control the navigation menu, ensuring that ECS adjusts to the workflow of your staff, rather than forcing staff to adjust to the software’s workflow. This decreases training time and adoption rates initially as well as with new employees and policies.

We Customize ECS To You

Every facility allocates staff duties in its own unique way. The customizable access screens in ECS can fit the shift and schedule of each particular employee, position, or department.

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