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ECS is unique in that there is integration between the clinical record and the Accounts Receivable module. This integration reduces duplication in data entry and the potential for user errors; making for a more efficient billing process. Integration options are unlimited with built in links between billing and Admissions, Medical Records, Therapy, MDS, Nurse Charting, CNA Charting, etc.

Accounts Receivable


Entries recorded throughout the entire clinical system are automatically gathered by the billing system. These entries are used to produce the appropriate Revenue, Receivable, and Contractual Adjustments, needed for month end reporting. ECS can produce UB04s, HCFA 1500 forms, and Self Pay Bills. Electronic claim files can be created and sent to all intermediaries and clearinghouses, using the standard 837 format.

ECS’s flexibility allows for the handling of all payer source contracts, the ability for billing staff to data enter and/or import charges from outside vendors, and the ability to generate customized month end reports. ECS has the ability to import electronic remits in the standard 835 format to increase efficiency in recording payments.

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Trust Account


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The Trust Account can be used to track funds for your entire continuum of care. The Trust Account allows for accurate, up to the minute, current balance reporting. Detailed transaction reporting is also standard. Receipts can be generated and saved within ECS to include an electronic signature if desired. ECS can allocate interest, and provides the option to generate monthly and/or quarterly statements.

General Ledger Integration


American Data has a direct link between our Accounts Receivable module and Microsoft Dynamics GP® and QuickBooks® by Intuit. These affordable accounting solutions work seamlessly with ECS, and help you manage your accounts with greater efficiency.

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