ECS Exhanges Data with a Wide Variety of Software Systems.


A long-term care facility cannot run without the ability to communicate with its industry partners. At American Data, we recognize this is equally true of the facility’s software. We value your unique vision and use your customized screens to exchange data – you are in control to create your own care.

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PrescribersConnection Interface is ready to go!

Prescribers Connection. Connecting for ePrescribing. Certified LTC Partner

American Data understands that communicating with pharmacy is a priority. That is why we joined the PrescribersConnection® Network. The rigorous certification standards the network requires allowed us to test the interface without interrupting your implementation. No matter who the pharmacy is, the interface is ready to go via the network saving everyone time and money. If your pharmacy vendor is not certified on this network, a point-to-point interface may be available.



HL7 Interfaces


American Data supports a number of HL7 interfaces, including bidirectional interfaces that communicate through data imports and exports. From basic ADT, lab, and therapy interfaces to more complex HIE exports; American Data is prepared to meet your HL7 interfacing needs. Our team of interface specialists manages the setup and tests the connectivity of the interface for you. If you ever need assistance with an interface, our knowledgeable staff is only a phone call away.

HL7 Interfaces



The C-CDA CCD is the Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture Continuity of Care Document. This is a standardized method for electronic health records to exchange clinical data during transitions of care. American Data is “Direct Ready” to address the need for security when transferring this data. Direct is a type of email encryption used by healthcare providers for the purpose of HIPAA compliance. We use an EHNAC-accredited Health Information Service Provider (HISP) to safely exchange this clinical document.

HIPAA Compliant

Other Interfaces

HL7 Interfaces

For a number of ECS interoperability functions, no contracts or licenses are necessary! For example, exporting data from ECS into either Microsoft Excel® or Microsoft Dynamics GP® requires nothing more than access to both programs. The same is true for exporting documentation into Intuit’s QuickBooks®, which can also be completely integrated into ECS for a more automated transfer of data.

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