ECS has proven itself a tried and true tool

Throughout the years, ECS has proven itself a tried and true tool for every LTC job imaginable. In clinical departments we help all nurses chart according to their licensed duties and we help their directors monitor staff and residents in equal measure. We help your financial staff keep the records organized so they can bill accurately without worry.

Clinical & Financial Integration


Care providers document the care they give in their routine notes and flow sheets, which flows directly to the forms used to determine reimbursement levels, like the MDS. When service staff record services provided, such as laundry, supplies, or guest meals, the charges automatically carry over to the appropriate bill. This integration reduces missed charges and unreimbursed care.

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How You Chart Makes a Difference


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ECS guides staff through their notes to ensure that all relevant data is captured, producing a medical record that reflects and improves the quality you provide to your residents. This focus on quality is what keeps beds filled and staff happy, and nothing is better for your bottom line than that.



Making Compliance a Side Effect of Excellence


We designed ECS not for the simple purpose of helping you to comply with regulations, but so that your chart entries reflect the quality of the care you provide and give you the tools you need to keep improving. When you provide excellent care and services, and your charting system reflects this, complying with regulation becomes just one part of what you do. When you surpass the minimum standards of care set forth by regulation, residents and staff alike thrive, creating a healthy and profitable environment.

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Patient Centered Care


A flexible electronic charting system, like ECS, can help improve efficiency, improve quality of care, and save valuable staff time. ECS helps the entire facility and staff to work in harmony to accomplish the same goals in less time. The result is greater care for the residents.


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