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Every facility allocates staff duties in its own unique way. The customizable access screens in ECS can fit the shift and schedule of each particular employee, position, or department. The moment your staff logs into ECS, they are met with the exact documents that apply to their duties and to-do list of items yet to be completed, even though all departments chart on the same client record.

Director of Nursing


Directors of Nursing are constantly keeping track not only of the residents, but also of the caregivers across departments. With ECS, it’s possible to do both. Our software helps DONs manage the entire facility and campus, ensuring compliance every step of the way. The system increases efficiency and centralizes resident data, from nurse charting and the MAR/TAR to the MDS, but it will also allow for monitoring of the staff entering that data. Our own staff can also serve as an excellent resource for DONs – we keep up with regulations and communicate our findings consistently.

  • QA Section
  • Track Psychotropic Medication Use
  • Medication Errors
Director of nursing sitting at desk



  • View Meds - Write Orders
  • Review Charting
  • E-sign/co-sign Monthly Orders

Unlike hospitals, most long term care facilities do not have doctors on site for consultation at all hours. Because of this, their ease of access to the clinical record is vital.


ECS gives you the ability to customize your physician’s screens according to their specific patients and specialties. The progress notes, med orders, charting, and data trends they need to see are all at their fingertips in a timely manner. Streamline the way your physicians manage patients at your facility so they can get back to their busy practice, and give your nurses a way communicate with them as efficiently as possible when they are offsite.



Because ECS is so flexible, we can tailor the system to caregivers of all different backgrounds and training. We offer picture and phrase charting so they can enter data quickly and efficiently throughout their shifts without interruption, getting them back to the resident immediately. This type of charting also brings an additional benefit – it allows facility leaders to ensure every note is written according to the nurse’s licensed capabilities.


At American Data, we believe that good documentation begins at the bedside with the resident. Nurse charting feeds into the resident’s MDS and RUG scores, almost all the work is already done by the time the MDS Coordinators begin the forms. Keep your residents’ records up to regulation by making sure that narrative comments are certifiable.

  • Create / Review / Modify Careplans
  • Assign Nurse Charting
    (to do list)
  • Review and Monitor Aide Charting
  • Enter Physician Orders & Nursing Orders
  • Assign Nurse Aide Tasks
Bedside Caregiver

Nurse Assistant


Nursing Assistant 
  • Care Plans Easily Accessible
  • Internal Communications
  • Incompletion Reports
    (to do list)
  • Touch Screen Friendly
  • Picture Charting
  • User Friendly Ease of Use

The work of Nursing Assistants and their documentation cannot be over stated as to importance. Often these people are climbing the ladder of healthcare professionalism and their contribution to achieving the goals of the facility is to a great part, dependent on the leadership providing the tools to allow them to share their intimate knowledge of patient conditions with the licensed staff. With ECS their documentation does more than “feed” an MDS for reimbursement purposes, but is integrated with the entire ECS clinical documentation system. The knowledge of patient conditions flows both ways with ECS where their on-the-floor documentation is totally electronically available to those developing meaningful care plans while at the same time care plan goals and approaches are electronically disseminated to them on the floor. And with ECS’s facility controlled infinite Alert and Internal Communication capabilities, acute recognized patient condition changes that are documented on the floor by whatever device desired are relayed instantly to appropriate licensed staff for appropriate and immediate intervention. This capability gives the Nursing Assistant the knowledge that they and their work are important and thus, helps them climb that ladder of healthcare professionalism both personally and within the facility.

Business Office


ECS also comes with several functionalities to help you manage internal operations, such as human resources, lead tracking, and facility maintenance.


Your Accounts Receivable and Billing Office will be grateful for the intuitive financial features of ECS, including its link to Great Plains and QuickBooks.


We at American Data act as a lifeline for your billing office. Because Accounts Receivable employees are rarely in the room when a billable clinical event occurs, we make sure every charge in the system leaves a trail of breadcrumbs traceable back to the original entry. You’ll be amazed by how quickly the communication between your clinical and financial staff improves.

Business Office Professional

Customizable User Access


ECS is a very unique EMR system in that all information entered into the system regardless of the discipline, roll, or service is integrated with all other information in real time. It is also unique in that the facility has infinite control of the workflow of any user of the system. As you go through the slides to the left, notice that every workflow access example is customizable to the particular role of the user. When a user logs onto the system, they are presented with their unique menu showing the responsibilities and clinical information needed for that particular user roll.

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